Programmer's Interview No 1 Featuring Francesco Ciulla

Published On - 6 Apr 2024

Hi guys, Mudit here founder of which is a social media platform for developers. Today in this Programmer's Interview series article we are interviewing Francesco Ciulla who is a very renowned developer and very popular in Twitter and YouTube. Let's start the interview by his introduction


I am Francesco, a Developer Advocate at Daily Dev, a Docker Captain, an international public speaker, and currently focused on creating videos on YouTube. You can follow him on Twitter and here is his YouTube Channel.

Your Early days & Education

"I have always had a passion for computers since my early days. My first encounter with technology was with a Commodore 64! I was the first kid in my class to have an internet connection, and it was hard to explain this to my mates! While I initially enjoyed gaming, I didn't find programming intriguing until later.

Despite my love for computers, I had a career in sports, specifically as a volleyball coach, for almost 20 years starting from the age of 15. However, I eventually decided to pursue my interest in technology, earning a Computer Science Degree (I almost switched to Math, but I am glad I stayed in programming).

My educational background laid a strong foundation for my journey into the coding world."

Your introduction to the coding world

"I have been coding since I was a kid, but I only began taking it seriously around 2015.

By 'seriously,' I mean dedicating around 10 hours daily to coding for several months. I worked as a fullstack developer for the ESA (European Space Agency)"

Technologies you have used

"Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with many technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, React, Node.js, Unity3D, Python, Spring Boot, Postgres, and much more. Currently, I'm heavily focused on creating content centered around Rust."

Currently working on

"I am employed full-time as a Developer Advocate at Daily Dev. Additionally, during weekends, I am dedicated to creating a Rust series on YouTube, where I share insights and tutorials on Rust programming."

Challenges and Learning Experiences

"One of my significant challenges was overcoming my shyness in front of the camera. It required a huge mental effort, but now I am completely shameless. Currently, my main challenge is maintaining focus despite all the distractions."

Career Advice and Tips

"My advice to aspiring developers is to start as soon as possible. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to refine your skills and expertise."

Personal Interests and Hobbies apart from coding

"Apart from coding, I have diverse interests and hobbies. I enjoy running, exercising, and of course cooking (I am Italian), gardening when I have spare time."

Future Goals and Aspirations

"My ambitious goal for the future is to reach 1 million people through my social media platforms.

This goal is not merely a vanity metric but serves as a measure of the impact I hope to have. I aim to help as many individuals as possible while increasing my social media presence."

Closing Thoughts

"Communication is an invaluable skill that can open numerous doors. Despite initial fears of judgment, creating content and putting oneself out there can lead to financial freedom, freedom of expression, and a meaningful life.

Persistence in content creation can bring about significant rewards. Best of luck to everyone on their journey."